Our hand-painted Colorways are available in most yarn styles.


Deep teal, blue-green, purple & honey.


Soft Pink, Coral and a splash of spring green.

Barndance *

A fun blend of red, purple, pink, aqua and moss.


A lively blend of brassy copper and plums with a splash of green.

Big Sky

A soft blend of light blue, clover, and purple.

Birch Tree

Soft khaki with a touch of orchid, sagey green and soft denim blue.

Bitterroot Rainbow

A blend of primaries: red, yellow & blue.


A deep blend of charcoal, rose, sienna and denim.


A fun mix of spring grass green and the bright flowers of spring.

Blueberry *

Part of the Wild Berries colorway collection.


Soft blues, orchid and a touch of gray green.

Boulder *

A muted blend of gray, soft brown, gray-blue with a splash of peacock.

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